• 2016.12.13

    Deadline extended : 2017/1/26

  • 2016.09.09

    IP’17 Website open.


Information photonics is an emerging field that includes state-of-the-art methods, devices, models, and applications related to the utilization of optics in information society. The objective of this meeting is to bring together international scientists, researchers, engineers and students to discuss recent developments in the field of information photonics.

Conference Chair

Yoshio Hayasaki(Utsunomiya Univ.)


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Optical computing
  • Optical and optoelectronic information processing
  • Information Photonics
  • Digital optics
  • Nanophotonic information system
  • Optical biomimetic computing
  • Optical cryptology
  • Holography and holography art
  • Computer-generated holography
  • Electronic holography
  • Three-dimensional display
  • Volumetric display
  • Holographic display
  • Novel display
  • Integral imaging and imaging
  • Digital holography
  • Quantitative phase imaging
  • Computational imaging
  • Compressive imaging
  • Novel imaging
  • Novel camera
  • Ptychography
  • Full-field optical coherent tomography
  • Imaging in scattered medium
  • Digital phase conjugation
  • Novel image acquisition
  • Pump-probe imaging
  • X-ray imaging
  • THz imaging
  • Adaptive optics
  • Optical memory
  • Holographic data storage
  • Spatial light modulator
  • Optical, optoelectronic, optomechatronic, optofuidic, and imaging devices for information photonics

Organized by

  • The Optical Society of Japan (OSJ)
  • The Group of Information Photonics
  • The Digital Optics Research Group
  • The Holohraphic Display Artists and Engineers Club

Supported by

  • The Optical Society of Japan (OSJ)